Welcome to the plant identification area.

Have you ever wondered what the names of the trees and flowers are around your school? Well, here's your chance not only to find out more about the plants in your locality but also to participate in a citywide survey.
To start off you will need to identify and make a record of the plants in and around your school (use the identification charts and record file below to help you). Once you have made your records, email the file back to the BGfL - plants@bgfl.org. Your findings will be added to the citywide database for all to see.
You can access the database to find out what the plant distribution is like in and around the city by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

If you want to find out more about trees or shrubs click the leaf
If you want to find out more about flowers then click the petals
To download your log sheets to record the plants in your area click the icon